call it unconditional love

How great is that feeling when you come through the door and your canine buddy is there to greet you?  Tail wagging, practically crying with joy in seeing you again.  Whether it has been 5 minutes or 5 hours, it’s like you’ve been gone a lifetime to them, but they forgive so easily.

As for my canine buddy, Henry, he sits in a chair beside me whenever we eat a meal, if he gets worried that I am going to eat all of my food without letting him have a small bite, he will gently lay his head on my arm, without making a sound, and work his charm with his big warm brown eyes.

The joy he gets out of short ride in the pickup, even if it is just down the driveway, turn around and come back, you would think we just finished a week long road trip.  The house can be totally silent at night, or we can be watching a movie, or just reading a book, and there he is, right by my side, sawing logs, like he’s in the safest place in the world.

Watching him run through the leaves, chase a cat, smell his fur and feel his Mini Schnauzer hugs….call it unconditional love.

Namaste ~